OTi Handset Function SKA2/SKA3 Instruction

OTi Handset Function SKA3 Instruction

Most electric height adjustable desk frame factories have their own handset types. OTi-furniture also has its own type of handset and function.
This type is called SKA3, key button.
∧ ∨  are to lift up and down.
and 1, 2, 3  are three memory keys, which could, say, save a standing height at 1, save a sitting height at 2, and save an afternoon nap height at 3. It will greatly save time by just pressing one of the memory keys to achieve your wanted height.
The last key is not 5. It is an S. S means set. With this key, you could set up the MAX&MIN height, though we have a 650-1300MM height range. You still could shorten this range. And with the S key, you could set the long sit reminder, safety locker, length unit, and so on.
  1. Initialization Operation
  2. Lock and Unlock
  3. Up and Down Operation
  4. Height Memory Operation
  5. Height Limit Operation (Min. height and Max height)
  6. Restore Factory Settings
  7. Stand Reminder Settings
    1. parameters Settings

    ØØ Long Press””for 5 seconds, showing “S-x” with“x”flashing(X indicate the parameter group1~6), press “” or “”to change. And press “” for enter or confirm.

    The parameters that can be set are as follows:

    a, “S-1″0 indicates that the height is cm displayed,1 represents inch display.

    b, “S-2″indicates that Anti-Collision sensitive, 0 indicates turn off,8 most sensitive,1 the least sensitive.

    c, “S-5″This indicates the lowest limit height, press “” or “”to change.

    d, “S-6” height memory settings;0 indicates that pressing the storage location key runs, loose to stop running.1 indicates that the storage location key automatically runs to the stored location, and any key to stop.

A lot of handset functions mean the electric height adjustable desk is an intelligent desk.

How to Deal With E24/E14

When using our electric height adjustable desk, suddenly the desk appears with high-low legs. And the handset flashes “RST”. When you reset the desk, the handset flashes “E24” and the desk is dead now. So how to deal with it?


What is E24?


E24 is an error code that means the hall message in Motor 2 is offline (check the control box, the M2 socket is No. 2 column). Without the hall message, the control box can not control the motor. It will cut the motor’s power off. The Motor 2 can not work. So when adjusting the desk height, the NO.2 column doesn’t move.  This is the reason for high-low legs.

Why E24?


One direct reason is the motor is wrong. The second reason is the locked rotor. What is a locked rotor? A locked rotor also called motor blocking is a situation in which the motor still outputs torque when the speed is 0 revolution. It is generally mechanical or artificial. In our standing desk case, the reason could be the low environment temperature which causes the plastic in the column chilling to shrink, which means the motor needs more power to lift the desk. The huge difference in the revolution of both motors causes the No.2 Motor unable to work instantly. Thus the revolution is 0 but still has a huge current. The very next second the control box cut the current.


How to tell the reason one from reason two?


So if it is the first reason, change the motor. If it is the second reason, we have a way to deal with it. Users could do it themselves according to our direction. We need to tell which reason it is first.


Please disassemble the desk. Move the desktop. And change the motors to connect with the control box. If the error code changes to “E14”( losing the hall message in NO.1 motor connecting with control box M1 socket ). We make sure this motor is wrong. Contact manufacturer to change it.


How to deal with the situation of reason 2?


Let’s focus on the situation of reason 2. Please disassemble the desk and take the NO. 2 column out. Open the motor cover. Take out the motor. Connect the motor with the control box together with the other column to form a circulation. Now press the handset key. Reset first. When you control it, you find the motor is running. Now break down the circulation. Then put the motor back into the column. Fix it. Assemble the desk again. After the resetting, quick press the up arrow key several times to let the column move smoothly, bit by bit. It works again, for sure.

The rate of motors wrong is low. Mostly E24/E14 can be solved like this. More problem, please contact with me.



Here is a video for your reference.



Why AkzoNobel Powder?

Why is AkzoNobel Powder best for a standing desk?

Nowadays, metal furniture in the market is increasingly used in various industries such as home furnishing, outdoors, teaching, and office. Metal furniture generally has a smooth and hard look. This external feature is mainly determined by the base material of the metal and the coating on the base surface. Because of different application scenarios, we not only require the metal substrate surface coating to be beautiful and hard but also require the coating to have gloss, hardness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, adhesion, and so on.


As one of the metal furniture,  electric height adjustable desks have a higher requirement in terms of the coating because of the special structure–telescope columns. For years, OTi-furniture has been using AkzoNobel Powder on its adjustable desk frames. And it performs outstanding!


Standing in the middle east of China, Akzo Nobel (China)  homed Shanghai, built its plants in Suzhou city, and focused on the decorative markets, expanding its business rapidly. 


Safety is the top concern for furniture manufacturers. An unhealthy coating could cause Asthma bronchiale, rhinitis, immunity issues, and other potential diseases.

Many manufacturers choose AkzoNobel. So does OTi! According to RoHS  Directive (EU) 2015/86 3 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU, based on the performed tests on submitted AkzoNobel (China) sample(s), the results of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls(PBBs), Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and Phthalates such as bis(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Butyl benzyl phthalate(BBP), Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) comply with the limits. 

Performance Testing Result

Coating equipment: High voltage electrostatic spray gun

Curing condition:200℃*10mins

Voltage: 50-70KV

  1. Visual appearance in a vessel: Homogeneous color without any agglomerate.
  2. The appearance of the film according to GB 5237. 4-2008: Good flow OK
  3. Color (GB/T 11186.2-89): Visual check OK
  4. Gloss (60 gauge head) GB/T 13452.2-2008:74% 
  5. Thickness GB/T1732.2-2008: 60-80μm
  6. Impact resistance GB/T 1732-1993 50kg.cm direct pass
  7. Pencil Hardness GB/T 6739-2006: H
  8. Adhesion cross-cut test GB/T 9286-1998: 0 level
  9. Bending test (tapering spindle) GB/T 11185-2009: 3mm pass
  10. D[V,0.5] (PSD) 40.6μm

Inspection Report

Provided by one of our German customers, the inspection report shows the adhesion test. The test sample is from the cargo before shipment. As adhesion is one of the important characteristics and also it could be operable for field testers. The result is OK. 

Coating thickness

In terms of the electric height adjustable standing desk or other adjustable desks, the telescope design makes the coating requirement relatively high. It requires high-intensive abrasion resistance. Besides the performance of the powder self, the thickness of the coating is the second factor that mainly affects the abrasion resistance. To some extent, the coating thickness decides durability. According to the industry standard of the standing desk, the coating thickness is 60-80μm. Our factory’s operative standard is 80-100μm.

Rub Process

Of the adjustable standing desk, rub happens when the desk is moving. However, the rub is not as serious as people think so. Some users may think the rub is caused by metal against metal. No! Actually, the fight is the plastic parts against the metal tubes, And the metal tube is armed with AkzoNobel Grinding powder. The powder is hard wearing and the thickness could be 80 μm or more. 

Though the protective layer is strong, ten years later, could it be still strong? How about reducing the rub? This is a paradox. If we remove the plastic parts, the desk could be wobbly. If we tighten the tubes, it will consume the powder much, reduce the motor life span, and leave rub marks(don’t worry. Our desk’s rub marks could be erased by an eraser). Theoretically,  there is a critical value. At this critical value, the rub should be min.  And it could be calculated if the coating thickness and tube thickness are constant. Our tube’s thickness is 2MM and the material is high-quality cold-rolled steel, made by Shanghai Baosteel Company, China’s best steel company. That means there is no error range of the tube’s thickness. And the coating thickness is performed by the precision spray painting machine. Our quality inspectors check every batch of painted parts and record them. When these two-part figures are certain, or controllable, the rest is controlled. This is the key part for an electric height adjustable desk. Of course, professional assembly workers also can feel it. Our assembling workers all have at least 3-year experience. 

Since the rub can not be removed. We could also reduce the rub from the plastic parts. The material of our plastic parts is high-end POM. If you know the traits of POM, you would be surprised at the existence of such a perfect material born for electric height adjustable desk frames. POM is short for Polyoxymethylene (Polyformaldehyde), a good-performance engineering plastic. Its nickname is “capture steel”, “super steel”. POM is similar to metal hardness, strength, and steel, in a wide range of temperature and humidity have a good self-lubrication, good fatigue resistance, and elasticity. In addition, it has a better chemical resistance. It perfectly fits metal furniture.


It is very important for furniture to have a good appearance.


The importance of choosing a healthy, durable, and productive adjustable standing desk is self-evident. Paying attention to the coating is equally important. If you want to be our dealer and want to know more other information about our standing desk frames, you are welcome to contact us.


Please leave your comments, if you have any questions about this article. Thanks!


Chinses Affordable Standing Desk Frames: New Arrival SXL01 pro

An standing adjustable desk frames from Chinese manufacturer: New Arrival SXL01 pro

Thanks to coronavirus, we eventually could work from home, yet it turns out to be a disaster.

In order to remove the disaster, many consumers find they are in an urgent need to update their working equipment. However they have a very tight budget. So what they gonna do? Yes, they focus on Chinese adjustable desk manufacturers. They get a very very beautiful price. So lucky for them. But things are never so simple. As they asked the express charge, they replied with a silence.

So office furniture distributors and retailers, do you recognize your customers’ new demand? Your customers desperately need an affordable adjustable desk.

Here is a piece of good news for you. Recently OTi has developed a new arrival—SXL01 pro.

Let’s get to know it.

descreption picture of the adjustable desk frame

Input voltage: 100-240V
Max loading: 120KG/265lbs
Height range: 720-1180mm/28.35-46.46”
Stroke 460mm/18.11”
Frame length: 1200-1800mm
Bracket: 580mm/680mm
Top size:  L( 1200-2000)* W (600-1000)mm
Max. Speed: 40mm/s
Function: Memory/gyro Anti-Collision/safety feature
Material: SPCC Steel
Spraying:  AkzoNobel Grinding powder
Noise: <50dB(A)
Temperature -5~40℃
Duty Cycle 10% Max (2 Min on, 18 Min off)
Gross Weight: 30kg/66.25lbs
Packing Size: 85*33*27cm
Color:  white, black, gray
Warranty: Motor 3 years / steel frame 5 years warranty

adjustable desk frame

Super Material

Our SXL01 pro including the feet, brackets and beam, all the metal pieces, are made of cold rolled steel, which means with a 120 kg load capacity, the desk can go up or down freely and smoothly. Moreover the thickness of all the metal pieces is 2MM, making the desk frame more stable and durable.

Swell design

There is a slope processing in the foot, greatly reducing the possibility of bumping the user’s foot. And every foot equipped with two alignment feet which can adjust the leg height when the floor is not very flat. It is extremely important to keep the two leg at the same level otherwise too much height difference could cause the up&down system can not work. Also they can touch the floor gently without scratching it, and make the desk more stable. Details show elegance.

adjustable desk foot

two stage desk frame


Classical colors

SXL01 pro, like all his sisters and brothers, is finished by AkzoNobel grinding powder which is famous throughout the whole world. Healthy, durable, and beautiful is its name card. Its best sale colors are black, white and silver, three classical colors in office furniture, which can fit any workstation. If you prefer other colors, don’t worry, we can do that too.

adjustable desk frame color choice


OTi SXL01 pro has a height adjust range —72~118cm/28.35~46.46”, suitable for any man with a height during 145~190cm/57~74.8” who can sit or stand or between to work freely.

Not like a traditional desk, it can fit users’ height requirement and let them work more efficiently and healthier. As an affordable standing desk frame, OTi remained the price of SXL01 pro based on SXL01 even though the desk frame use more material and has a better stroke.

The accuracy can reach 0.1cm, helping the users to memory their best sit or stand height or other things.

The defining characteristic of OTi standing desk frame is it goes up or down more quietly, faster and more placidly.

The noise when function the desk is less than 50dB(A) which means it is quieter than a baby’s snoring voice or the sound of hitting the keyboard. It can not influence other coworkers’ work and mood.

The normal adjust speed is 25mm/s. but users can also set their favorable speed. The Max speed is 40mm/s. It is the top speed among standing desks.

Featured Handset

A featured handset is the essential part of a standing desk. SXL01 pro has a handset with the latest version. App, safety locker, memory keys, gyro anti-collision and Max height& min height set, speed set, USB charge…….


Other subtle designs

adjustable desk beam

Motors can be protected by the metal pieces and horizontal placement makes it more durable.

adjustable desk frame wire hole

There are four wire holes on the beam close to the legs. They are designed for the handset wire going into the beam to connect with the control box.

desk beam

There are many little screw holes lining both sides of the beam for adjusting the desk’s width.

Each pair of the holes correspond to the desktop. This quantitative design can reduce installation time.


Welcome to send inquiry for our new desk frame—an affordable standing desk frame :SXL01 pro



What can Office Furniture DO During Covid-19?

What can office furniture do during Covid-19?

From developed countries to developing countries, coronavirus has fundamentally transformed the world’s office situation, affecting how we work from home, do business with others and enforce numbers of video meetings. But people are homebound. Consumer demand plummets. Business is paused.

What else we can do?

Yes, it’s hard, but it will pass. We should prepare for the chance behind this Black Swan positively.

Now most offices are empty. May it’s a chance to redesign it. Order modern office furniture in advance. We have national orders that are for office projects handled immediately when the outbreak is contained. No more one minute is wasted.

People are staying at home reluctantly and will suppress their consumer demand in the coming months. But once the Covid-19 is under control, what will happen?

How will people satisfy their consumer demand which has been suppressed in months?

Will it be a good chance to occupy more market share?

Are we ready for that?

When should we start to prepare?

I hope the below chart can give you some ideas.

work arrangement

The Left side Gantt chart is showing the relationship between estimated market recovery time & order arrangement time.

The Right side is data support of estimated recovering period of consumer demand after SARS. This chart is from the article:

“Ray Dalio Commentary: Our Early Thinking on the Coronavirus and Pandemics”


Growth in office furniture market could rebound sharply in the next two quarters as delayed consumption and government stimulus flow through to the economy.

From the above charts, we can see that placing orders at April will be a suitable time to catch an uncommon chance.

OTi team is ready to support you by:

  1. Keeping prices stable though the material cost is increasing.
  2. Offering flexible shipment time should Covid-19 lasting period is longer than estimated.

Pls share with us your opinions.

Chinese Manufacturers After Outbreak: Sorry, Your Orders Will be Delayed!

Chinese Manufacturers After Outbreak: Sorry, Your Orders Will be Delayed!

order delayed

China is undergoing the outbreak — Covid-19. And the world is quickly realizing how much it depends on China.

China's coronavirus

Apple is rerouting supply chains. Ikea is closing its stores and paying staff members to stay at home. Starbucks is warning of a financial blow. Online shopping is continuing but the deliver is slower and slower……


What do Chinese manufacturers undergoing after outbreak?

Now the outbreak is contained. Many provinces declared first level emergency response was removed. The government authorities are arranging to resume the production.

Policies are made to guide how enterprises resume to work. The enterprises wanting to resume to work need hand in applications to government and take the responsibility of the risk.

They are required a disinfection to the whole workplace and arrange their workers to hand in healthy codes and ensure places for a 7-14 days’ quarantine before work if they come from other provinces. Staff working in the buildings need take body temperature at least twice and wear face masks provided by companies and use disinfecting water if necessary. The unsure government inspections make them more seriously do it as standard  than ever.

disinfection  work with a healthy code

(Healthy code are three kinds: green, yellow and red.  A green healthy code can work; a yellow healthy code needs a 7 days’ quarantine and a red healthy code is strictly monitored with a 14 days’ quarantine. This code is according to people’s mobile web if they go to the severe outbreak areas.)

And the companies and factories need figure out their employees’ food since a cohabit meal is not allowed.

home made lunch

The whole country fills with an air of two hands: one hand to catch the coronavirus and the other hand the production, both hands must be powerful.

Two Hands

Resuming work is difficult right now for most Chinese manufacturers

Mid-level developed cities, say cities in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are racing to fetch labors as their supporting industries depend on migrant workers.

 migrant workers buses

The government chartered high speed rails and enterprises sent buses to Sichuan province, Yunnan province and so on where the epidemic is not severe to take their workers back and at the same time to attract new labors by providing food and places to live for free.

Of course all the activities people in they have to take measures–face masks and hand sanitizers– to protect them from coronavirus since the government strictly requires.

It is easy to come back to work but hard to recover the productivity. By 26th Feb, 777 small and micro enterprises parks in Zhejiang province reopen at a rate 99.6% and enterprises in these parks reopen at 67.3%, most of which still idle their capacity.

Once turning on the first process machines, the next ones are unable to follow. Thus the production directors are trying to recruit. The production is still delayed.

In order to drive the enterprises to resume work successfully, a series of policies are made to support them. They are mainly deepening fiscal and taxation, providing financial services, rent reduction and subsides for staff’s pay.

But to many small and micro businesses it is hard to say if they can take all these advantages as some of the local policy is not clear. In terms of the rent reduction, it is only effective if enterprises are renting the nation’s house. Many enterprises still face financial problems.

Chinese manufacturers remain calm

Many foreign countries’ famous economists express they have faith in China’s economy.

China has one of the most complete industrial chains of the world, one of the world’s most important growth engines. Its share of the global economy has risen from 4% in 2003 to 15.5% today.

Manufacturers in China are pretty calm, knowing it’s impossible to find another China where is the low part of the smiling curve. They are trying to remedy the lost days. But Chinese manufacturers after outbreak need time.

smiling curve

Feedback from customers abroad

Meanwhile, the state is driving the domestic demand to help business with short-shelf-life products.

On other hands, customers abroad change their attitude toward prices. Collectively, three major concerns they have to pay attention to.

  1. In the following at least one year, they have no plans to China. That means the direct communication reduces.
  2. For Chinese technicians, their aboard travel also declines.
  3. At least this year, manufacturers and customers both save the money for expos and traveling.


All in all, most customers choose a good quality product to decrease the after-sales service and manufacturers are learning new ways to show their products and find new customers through internet.

And the whole world is waiting in long lines for goods from China. Most customers see what is going to happen. They seal orders as soon as possible.


OTi– Leading electric height adjustable desk manufacturer

OTi has ten years experience of manufacturing standing desks and the company has a thirty years management of production. It has its own house and accumulates a sum of capitals. Producing and selling good quality electric height adjustable desk frames is its life-long commitment.

OTi, located in Haining city where is the epidemic is not serious, resumed work on 21st Feb. as most of the workers are locals.

manufacturer of sit-stand desk

There are several good quality standing desks sold in OTi.

No.1 Back to back standing desk cubic

back to back standing desks

Back to back standing desk cubic is a space saver. Find your coworker to maxim value generated from your cooperation.

ergo desk parameters

No.2 Oval leg electric height adjustable desk

two motors standing desk

Beautiful oval standing desk—the soft lines and elegent frame of ergo desk SYT01 make it a conversation piece fit for any space.

parameters of oval leg standing desk

No.3  Rectangular leg electric height adjustable desk

Very stable and cost-effective, OTi’s best seller.

rectangular leg erdo desk

No.4 L shape standing desk

Three legs three motors standing desk make your desk mutifunctional.

rectangular leg erdo desk

No. 5 mobile mutifunctional square electric height adjustable desk

mobile standing desk

Very useful when speaking of office mobility

one leg solution standing desk

No.6 Square leg electric height adjustable desk

height adjustable desk

Made of square legs, this standing desk boasts for its super stability.

the most stable standing desk

No.7 Meeting standing desk

three legs meeting standing desk    meeting standing desk

A meeting usually prolongs to 4- 5 hours, imagine sitting too much and at the same time focusing on the agendas. That could be a punish. Use this desk to improve the meeting quality.  Thing out of the box, this desk can be placed as your dinner table and whatever.

sit and stand desk


Buy us today, otherwise you orders will be terribly delayed. LOL

Watch us for more information!

Comment us for what you care about Chinese manufacturers after outbreak!



eHAD Is the New Desk in an Office

eHAD is short for electric height adjustable desk. It’s like a tornado generating from developed countries and is sweeping the whole world, leading a reform in office furniture.

According to a study on furniture, it is advantaged for human beings to sit down after a long time of walking and thus chairs were invented. And the sitting habit carries on. But since the world changes a lot, together with the way of working, people realized that they’ve been sitting too much and failed both at work and life. They began to try working by sit-stand alternatively. And finally height adjustable desk is born, becoming a new healthy working way.

future work desk

Drawbacks of traditional office desks

The normal height of a traditional desk is between 28” and 30”, very suitable for a person with a height between 5’8’’ to 5’10’’ since for a long time in the history male office staff are the very majority. However with the development of the world international economy, a company today is usually featured as diversity. More and more female are actively working in a office. That means a reform in a traditional office is necessary. Reasons could mainly be divided into three points.

Firstly, fixed desks are unfriendly to female and shorter stature users. Women like me 63” tall could tolerate the desk by deliberately choosing a chair. But women shorter than me could be stuck in the chairs and feel unable to focus on work. Some work like designers, lecturers and so on, their work requires a desk which could be adjustable.

Secondly, traditional desks are usually with many drawers. Those drawers could create a space-crowded illusion in an office and most importantly they are unnecessary due to the no-paper working style. What’s worse, they are usually made of wood, that means it’s hard to remove, reinstall and resell them.

tradtional office is too crowded

Thirdly, sedentary work could do harm to the employees’ health. Cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra disease, diabetes and obesity, myopia, hunchback and other diseases haunt the employees and damage their achievement. Some research found the sedentary is a main factor to cause gynecological disease rather than personal hygiene. Immune cells can not be built for long time of sitting to work and then women resistance drop, on the other hand, sedentary cause poor blood circulations.

disease will follow long sitting people

The core of future office furniture


Intelligence stumbles into the sit-stand desk. The sit-stand desk evolution undergoes from desk converter, the manual height adjustable desk, gas spring height adjustable desk to electric height adjustable desk. Time has proved that all eHAD is the most potential one. Desk converter is an economic one but when you get one, you will be unsatisfied with it and will be always thinking about updating it, say buying an eHAD which are more convenient. This psychology can be seen in buying a car or something else. And with the development of high technology, the desk could be controlled by an app and more function will be added to the app in the near future.

chip in a standing desk

OEM Service

DIY a modern workstation usually happens in a home office. Home is no longer a castle isolating family from work. And more and more young adults prefer working at a home. Therefore, home office is a new hot place. With an electric height adjustable desk frame, people can customize their ideal office desk. They can decide how big their desk is and what material the desk top is. But to the wholesales they can customize a unique eHAD according to their customers’ preference, such as changing the shape of the desk frame and stroke.

Guaranteed by ergonomic design concepts

eHAD is an ergonomic product, which is designed to optimize the work efficiency involving Anthropometry, biomechanics, labor physiology, environmental physiology, engineering psychology, time and work studies. A professor of Japanese chiba university thinks: human body engineering is to discover the working ability of human body and its limit, making the job that people are engaged in tend to suit each kind of characteristic of human body anatomy, physiology and psychology . According to the ergonomics, a right posture for work increases the work efficiency and protect the body.

ergo nomic postures

eHAD provides the possibility for users to take a alternatively right posture.

sit-stand desk

the advantages of smart desk

  1. Adjustable horizontally and vertically

Normally, an electric height adjustable desk frame could be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Without doubt, we have well noted that we can sit to work or stand to work or between by adjusting the height from 25.6” to 51.2”. And we also can decide how big the desk could be by adjusting the desk frame horizontally.

desktop assembling

The biggest desk top could be 2000MMX1000MM. See the following picture. In order to increase the stability, a crossbar is needed.

side cabint

  1. Motor-oriented

With the help of motors, it takes no efforts to adjust the desk to an ideal height. You can save the height to the memory keys. That means next time when you want to sit, press one key, to stand, press another key. There are three memory keys. And you can also set sedentary reminder.


3. Slight power consumption

An electric height adjustable desk is not like an electric fan. It needn’t always work. So it consumes little electric power. eHAD from OTi-furniture consumes 0.3W for standby mode per day and the duty circle is 10% Max(2 min on 18 min off).


Trends of modern intelligent office furniture

  1. The primary condition concerned by enterprise procurement is efficiency factor over cost.

There are three selection criteria in purchasing office furniture.

The most important one is practicability. A lot of purchasers are mistakenly choose office furniture beauty over practicability, which would cause inconvenience in an office and thus weaken the work efficiency. So when purchasing office furniture, we should put practicability in the first place. Most times we need take a proper proportion between beauty and practicability.

Secondly, money saving. Office furniture will design a lot of office furniture, some of which are necessary, some are not. Purchasers shall make a clear buying list, deleting the unnecessary. Normally, executive desk, meeting desk, cubic and some sofa and chairs are necessary.

Last but not least, combination office furniture is a nice choice.Combination office furniture is popular nowadays. The kind of product is easily install and disassemble, very convenient especially for large companies.


2. It is no doubt that a work integrated with health and happiness could improve the work efficiency. A few days ago, chairman and CEO of 360, a free network security platform, Hongyi Zhou said on his wechat moments that the special prize of 360’s annual gala is a “no-cut coupon”, which is regarded as a “death” gold medal and can offset a layoff. Such a prize is like “Are you kidding me?”and could weaken the employees’ enthusiasm on work. Sometimes employers really want to do good things to their employees and reduce retention but they find the wrong ways. Updating the work environment is usually ignored by the board of directors.

ergo products in office


eHAD from OTi-furniture

OTi-furniture is a leading manufacturer of eHAD frame in China, located in Haining City Zhejiang province. Today I will introduce you two highly cost-effective eHAD frames and a popular combination from OTi-furniture.

SXS01 series is a hot sale, rectangle columns, two motors with three stages . It’s a very stable eHAD. The shape of rectangle is quite agreeable with the shape of a desk. That means our eyes pretty like to see such a desk.

SYS01 series is a black beauty. It’s a new design, but it is adored by many customers. The dynamic smooth line design has made this desk own the ability to transcend ordinary to modern, quality and refined.

standing desk

Semicircle lift panel could be a waiting or rest zone, a place for print machines and documents or used for a small meeting desk for this group.

six person sit-stand cubic

Six people combination with a side-pull locker could be a screen or a cabinet for  personal belongings or documents. According to ergonomics, one can easily fetch his paper whenever sitting or standing. It greatly saves time and improve the work efficiency.

six person standing desk with locker

My team and I are more than happy to further assist you in your quest for finding the most proper electric height adjustable desk.

By the way, as CNY holiday is approaching, our company will take the holidays this week and we will be back on 3nd Feb 2020. Any problem, you can write me at sandy@oti-furniture.com, I will  reply you within 24 hours and wish you all a healthy and prosperous  2020.

OTi’s New Arrival—Boss Standing Desk—WSSSL01/02

Design story of OTi boss standing desk

In the spring of 2019, after returning from Canton Fair, Mr. Wu, one of our customers, found us. He was planning to apply a commercial project which was a huge one. He was lack of a top end executive height adjustable desk and asked Mr. Zheng if OTi-furniture could research and develop such kind of standing desk. At that time, OTi did have some executive height adjustable desk see following picture.

boss standing desk

The desktop was no longer than 2 meters. It didn’t fit the space solution. And Mr. Wu added:” To be candid, this desk is not awesome enough. Can you do more?” And then he provided some target desk pictures. Seeing these pictures, Kevin thought about it for a while and said to his partner:”Give me one month. I will show you a better.”


In the next several days, Kevin discussed with technician. How big the column should be to hold the load? Which shape of the column is more modern and could fit the ? Two stage or three stage? How can the material be cost-effective and modern? What kind of desktop could be fashion and practical and the material? What kind of new function could be added to be user-friendly? A lot of questions bombarded Kevin. Although he had nearly ten years of experience in height adjustable desk business, things still could be complicated when a new product was researched and developed and 100% focus on this new R&D product was needed.


Two weeks later a drawing came out and they passed on to the production department and saw to the whole journey.


Thus Mr. Wu satisfied and finally got the project.

And Kevin didn’t stop. Every challenge is a new opportunity. He later launched three sizes of the WSSSL Series. And moreover, he brought the top one to CIFF-Shanghai and gained a hot welcome (SMART FURNITURE). Many customers took photos and asked for name cards. Some dealers made orders directly.

The parameters of this boss standing desk

Input voltage: 100/240V

Max loading: 200KG/

Height range: 740mm-1190mm/29.13”-46.85”

Stroke: 450MM/17.71”

Frame length: 1800MM/2100MM/2400MM


( normal size/ acceptable customized)

Top size: 2000X900MM2/2400X1000MM2/2700X1000MM2


Speed: 30mm/s

Function: memory keys/ gyro anti-crush

Column material: Aluminium alloy and stainless steel surface

Desktop material: multi-plates and walnut veneer with open paint finish/close paint finish

Spraying: bracket finished by black, AkzoNobel Grinding powder

Noise: <50dB(A)

Temperature: -5~40℃

Duty Cycle: 10% Max (2 Min on, 18 Min off)

Color: column-metal color; desktop—walnut (normal) or customized

Warranty: Motor 3 years / steel frame 5 years warranty

Cabinet size: 1900MMX600MMX610MM/2300MMX600MMX610MM

Furnish: chipboard with three finishes:

  1. Mixed oil paint
  2. Walnut veneer with close paint finish
  3. Walnut veneer with open paint finish

middle size boss standing desk

Side storage


Side storage with cliff ash color is 1900MMX600MMX610MM. It looks like a metal storage. But it’s made of chipboard. Whatever the office design style is, it can fit with it. If your customer has specific requirement, we can provide OEM service.

The side storage has a locker in it.

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drawers with springs

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back of the side storage

Mirror column

mirror column

The two stage column is made by Aluminium alloy and stainless steel surface which feels quite top-end and can greatly show a company’s work style: clean, concise and healthy. With a stroke of 450mm, the columns support the desk stably and mutely.


Table type

elegant chamfered desk top

The table’s edge is chamfered which made it more elegant and ergonomic.

Walnut veneer with close finish

desktop with metal construction

The table has a metal construction to help it support. When the desk goes up and down, it can hold a max capacity of 200kg.

Welcome to inquiry for this top-end boss standing desk.

OTi-furniture continues to carry its commitment to providing worldwide ergonomic office furniture and sharing green healthy and efficient office furniture.


Happy New Year!

a happy 2020 year


Three Tips and Ten Ways Help you Collect Cables and Wires!

Here are three tips and ten ways help you collect cables and wires!

We usually hear:

—-“Where is my USB?”

—-“Where is my headset?”

—-“Maybe over there. Go and have a look.”


Which turns out to be like this:

cable problem

OMG! It’s hard to figure it out.

Are you familiar with this annoying situation?

Our life is surrounded by all kinds of wires and cables: TV lines, Router connection, phone lines, and all kinds of USB.


Three tips help you out of such plight.

Firstly, develop a good habit of storage.

  1. Category wires according to the using habit.
  2. Return after use.
  3. Preset specific sockets. Reasons can be divided in to two points. One is that it is convenient to set storage boxes. And another is it’s easy to foster a return after use habit.

Secondly, do proper research before decoration.

  1. Preset pathways. Such as building a TV wall which can pick up the wires and cables.                                                                                                                                construction pathways
  2. Add mounting brackets to store wires.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    show a hanging TV                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rotating-structure makes it very easy to clean up.
  3. Skirting line can store wires. It’s very useful for network cables and vertical desk lamps.                                                                                                                 skirting lines are very useful.Last but not least, good articles are necessary.
    1. Separated box with cable ties and label each cells.                                                                                                                                                                              for catagory                                                                                                                                                                                                    a good articel for sorting

    You can customize an acrylic separated box to fit your drawer.

    2. Nylon cable tie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         good article to tie things

Use nylon cable tie to tie up those long cables which are unnecessarily long.

3. Headphone digital storage case

ting case

It can easily fish out from your bag.

4. Desktop line keeper                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        little and fine keeper for your USB

5. Plug box

a storage for plug

It will make your desk pretty cool.

6.  Cable fixer

very good for fix the cables

These tiny fixers make your cables friendly to children and seniors, greatly decreasing the possibility of stumbling them.

7. Router box

a multifunctional box

This box has enough room to home your Router and plug and it also can be a tiny table for fine articles but mind the load capacity.

If you do not want be installed by screws, use strong trackless paste.

8. Urieva wire shield from Ikea

8.	Urieva wire shield from Ikea

nice article to cover the cables

9. Singer Transverse wire trough from Ikea

9.	Singer Transverse wire trough from Ikea

10. Snakers from OTi-furniture


Snakers are usually used in the height adjustable desk in modern office. It’s a good way to keep your desk clean and top-end.


Beautity exists everywhere. You just have to find it out. Try to make your work and home as clear as the numbers. Forture and health will find you.

Welcome to sharing more ways to collect cables and wires.


Garbage Sorting in OTi-furniture

China is going through a movement of garbage sorting. And OTi-furniture is a strong supporter.

detailed garbage sorting

Truly money is private but resource is all human beings’. When one kind of resource is run out, one can’t buy it by a mountain of gold. However, we can’t stop the step of using resource. But we do have some way to slow the steps. Say garbage sorting.

OTi ese (Zhejiang Wansheng Metal’s staff) are having a lesson— how to sort garbage. OTi-furniture is an excellent group at local, which follows the government’s stipulations and has made a great community sponsor. Chinese Government attaches great attachment to this garbage sorting movement.

There are mainly four kinds of trash bins—green, red, grey and blue.

The blue trash bin is for recyclable waste, such as glass bottles, paper, cans, metal, plastic bottles, paper-boxes etc. Such garbage is encouraged for sale.

The red trash bin is for hazardous waste, such as used batteries, pesticide, waste paint buckets, expired medicine, mercurial thermometer, waste light tubes and so on.  They will be resorted for recycle or buried safely.

And the green one is for perishable rubbish, such as kitchen garbage, rotten vegetables and fruit and so on for compost, biotechnology treatment or marsh gas.

And finally the grey one is for the garbage except the above three ones, called other waste. They will be sent for thermal fire generation.

Thus all waste shall be put exactly the right color dustbin. Although

OTiese would like to contribute their small effort to creating a healthier and greener world as well as to manufacturing good quality ergo furniture for the world. OTi-furniture provides healthy solution for modern offices.

OTi's best seller