Chinese Manufacturers After Outbreak: Sorry, Your Orders Will be Delayed!

Chinese Manufacturers After Outbreak: Sorry, Your Orders Will be Delayed!

order delayed

China is undergoing the outbreak — Covid-19. And the world is quickly realizing how much it depends on China.

China's coronavirus

Apple is rerouting supply chains. Ikea is closing its stores and paying staff members to stay at home. Starbucks is warning of a financial blow. Online shopping is continuing but the deliver is slower and slower……


What do Chinese manufacturers undergoing after outbreak?

Now the outbreak is contained. Many provinces declared first level emergency response was removed. The government authorities are arranging to resume the production.

Policies are made to guide how enterprises resume to work. The enterprises wanting to resume to work need hand in applications to government and take the responsibility of the risk.

They are required a disinfection to the whole workplace and arrange their workers to hand in healthy codes and ensure places for a 7-14 days’ quarantine before work if they come from other provinces. Staff working in the buildings need take body temperature at least twice and wear face masks provided by companies and use disinfecting water if necessary. The unsure government inspections make them more seriously do it as standard  than ever.

disinfection  work with a healthy code

(Healthy code are three kinds: green, yellow and red.  A green healthy code can work; a yellow healthy code needs a 7 days’ quarantine and a red healthy code is strictly monitored with a 14 days’ quarantine. This code is according to people’s mobile web if they go to the severe outbreak areas.)

And the companies and factories need figure out their employees’ food since a cohabit meal is not allowed.

home made lunch

The whole country fills with an air of two hands: one hand to catch the coronavirus and the other hand the production, both hands must be powerful.

Two Hands

Resuming work is difficult right now for most Chinese manufacturers

Mid-level developed cities, say cities in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are racing to fetch labors as their supporting industries depend on migrant workers.

 migrant workers buses

The government chartered high speed rails and enterprises sent buses to Sichuan province, Yunnan province and so on where the epidemic is not severe to take their workers back and at the same time to attract new labors by providing food and places to live for free.

Of course all the activities people in they have to take measures–face masks and hand sanitizers– to protect them from coronavirus since the government strictly requires.

It is easy to come back to work but hard to recover the productivity. By 26th Feb, 777 small and micro enterprises parks in Zhejiang province reopen at a rate 99.6% and enterprises in these parks reopen at 67.3%, most of which still idle their capacity.

Once turning on the first process machines, the next ones are unable to follow. Thus the production directors are trying to recruit. The production is still delayed.

In order to drive the enterprises to resume work successfully, a series of policies are made to support them. They are mainly deepening fiscal and taxation, providing financial services, rent reduction and subsides for staff’s pay.

But to many small and micro businesses it is hard to say if they can take all these advantages as some of the local policy is not clear. In terms of the rent reduction, it is only effective if enterprises are renting the nation’s house. Many enterprises still face financial problems.

Chinese manufacturers remain calm

Many foreign countries’ famous economists express they have faith in China’s economy.

China has one of the most complete industrial chains of the world, one of the world’s most important growth engines. Its share of the global economy has risen from 4% in 2003 to 15.5% today.

Manufacturers in China are pretty calm, knowing it’s impossible to find another China where is the low part of the smiling curve. They are trying to remedy the lost days. But Chinese manufacturers after outbreak need time.

smiling curve

Feedback from customers abroad

Meanwhile, the state is driving the domestic demand to help business with short-shelf-life products.

On other hands, customers abroad change their attitude toward prices. Collectively, three major concerns they have to pay attention to.

  1. In the following at least one year, they have no plans to China. That means the direct communication reduces.
  2. For Chinese technicians, their aboard travel also declines.
  3. At least this year, manufacturers and customers both save the money for expos and traveling.


All in all, most customers choose a good quality product to decrease the after-sales service and manufacturers are learning new ways to show their products and find new customers through internet.

And the whole world is waiting in long lines for goods from China. Most customers see what is going to happen. They seal orders as soon as possible.


OTi– Leading electric height adjustable desk manufacturer

OTi has ten years experience of manufacturing standing desks and the company has a thirty years management of production. It has its own house and accumulates a sum of capitals. Producing and selling good quality electric height adjustable desk frames is its life-long commitment.

OTi, located in Haining city where is the epidemic is not serious, resumed work on 21st Feb. as most of the workers are locals.

manufacturer of sit-stand desk

There are several good quality standing desks sold in OTi.

No.1 Back to back standing desk cubic

back to back standing desks

Back to back standing desk cubic is a space saver. Find your coworker to maxim value generated from your cooperation.

ergo desk parameters

No.2 Oval leg electric height adjustable desk

two motors standing desk

Beautiful oval standing desk—the soft lines and elegent frame of ergo desk SYT01 make it a conversation piece fit for any space.

parameters of oval leg standing desk

No.3  Rectangular leg electric height adjustable desk

Very stable and cost-effective, OTi’s best seller.

rectangular leg erdo desk

No.4 L shape standing desk

Three legs three motors standing desk make your desk mutifunctional.

rectangular leg erdo desk

No. 5 mobile mutifunctional square electric height adjustable desk

mobile standing desk

Very useful when speaking of office mobility

one leg solution standing desk

No.6 Square leg electric height adjustable desk

height adjustable desk

Made of square legs, this standing desk boasts for its super stability.

the most stable standing desk

No.7 Meeting standing desk

three legs meeting standing desk    meeting standing desk

A meeting usually prolongs to 4- 5 hours, imagine sitting too much and at the same time focusing on the agendas. That could be a punish. Use this desk to improve the meeting quality.  Thing out of the box, this desk can be placed as your dinner table and whatever.

sit and stand desk


Buy us today, otherwise you orders will be terribly delayed. LOL

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