How to Deal With E24/E14

When using our electric height adjustable desk, suddenly the desk appears with high-low legs. And the handset flashes “RST”. When you reset the desk, the handset flashes “E24” and the desk is dead now. So how to deal with it?


What is E24?


E24 is an error code that means the hall message in Motor 2 is offline (check the control box, the M2 socket is No. 2 column). Without the hall message, the control box can not control the motor. It will cut the motor’s power off. The Motor 2 can not work. So when adjusting the desk height, the NO.2 column doesn’t move.  This is the reason for high-low legs.

Why E24?


One direct reason is the motor is wrong. The second reason is the locked rotor. What is a locked rotor? A locked rotor also called motor blocking is a situation in which the motor still outputs torque when the speed is 0 revolution. It is generally mechanical or artificial. In our standing desk case, the reason could be the low environment temperature which causes the plastic in the column chilling to shrink, which means the motor needs more power to lift the desk. The huge difference in the revolution of both motors causes the No.2 Motor unable to work instantly. Thus the revolution is 0 but still has a huge current. The very next second the control box cut the current.


How to tell the reason one from reason two?


So if it is the first reason, change the motor. If it is the second reason, we have a way to deal with it. Users could do it themselves according to our direction. We need to tell which reason it is first.


Please disassemble the desk. Move the desktop. And change the motors to connect with the control box. If the error code changes to “E14”( losing the hall message in NO.1 motor connecting with control box M1 socket ). We make sure this motor is wrong. Contact manufacturer to change it.


How to deal with the situation of reason 2?


Let’s focus on the situation of reason 2. Please disassemble the desk and take the NO. 2 column out. Open the motor cover. Take out the motor. Connect the motor with the control box together with the other column to form a circulation. Now press the handset key. Reset first. When you control it, you find the motor is running. Now break down the circulation. Then put the motor back into the column. Fix it. Assemble the desk again. After the resetting, quick press the up arrow key several times to let the column move smoothly, bit by bit. It works again, for sure.

The rate of motors wrong is low. Mostly E24/E14 can be solved like this. More problem, please contact with me.



Here is a video for your reference.