eHAD Is the New Desk in an Office

eHAD is short for electric height adjustable desk. It’s like a tornado generating from developed countries and is sweeping the whole world, leading a reform in office furniture.

According to a study on furniture, it is advantaged for human beings to sit down after a long time of walking and thus chairs were invented. And the sitting habit carries on. But since the world changes a lot, together with the way of working, people realized that they’ve been sitting too much and failed both at work and life. They began to try working by sit-stand alternatively. And finally height adjustable desk is born, becoming a new healthy working way.

future work desk

Drawbacks of traditional office desks

The normal height of a traditional desk is between 28” and 30”, very suitable for a person with a height between 5’8’’ to 5’10’’ since for a long time in the history male office staff are the very majority. However with the development of the world international economy, a company today is usually featured as diversity. More and more female are actively working in a office. That means a reform in a traditional office is necessary. Reasons could mainly be divided into three points.

Firstly, fixed desks are unfriendly to female and shorter stature users. Women like me 63” tall could tolerate the desk by deliberately choosing a chair. But women shorter than me could be stuck in the chairs and feel unable to focus on work. Some work like designers, lecturers and so on, their work requires a desk which could be adjustable.

Secondly, traditional desks are usually with many drawers. Those drawers could create a space-crowded illusion in an office and most importantly they are unnecessary due to the no-paper working style. What’s worse, they are usually made of wood, that means it’s hard to remove, reinstall and resell them.

tradtional office is too crowded

Thirdly, sedentary work could do harm to the employees’ health. Cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra disease, diabetes and obesity, myopia, hunchback and other diseases haunt the employees and damage their achievement. Some research found the sedentary is a main factor to cause gynecological disease rather than personal hygiene. Immune cells can not be built for long time of sitting to work and then women resistance drop, on the other hand, sedentary cause poor blood circulations.

disease will follow long sitting people

The core of future office furniture


Intelligence stumbles into the sit-stand desk. The sit-stand desk evolution undergoes from desk converter, the manual height adjustable desk, gas spring height adjustable desk to electric height adjustable desk. Time has proved that all eHAD is the most potential one. Desk converter is an economic one but when you get one, you will be unsatisfied with it and will be always thinking about updating it, say buying an eHAD which are more convenient. This psychology can be seen in buying a car or something else. And with the development of high technology, the desk could be controlled by an app and more function will be added to the app in the near future.

chip in a standing desk

OEM Service

DIY a modern workstation usually happens in a home office. Home is no longer a castle isolating family from work. And more and more young adults prefer working at a home. Therefore, home office is a new hot place. With an electric height adjustable desk frame, people can customize their ideal office desk. They can decide how big their desk is and what material the desk top is. But to the wholesales they can customize a unique eHAD according to their customers’ preference, such as changing the shape of the desk frame and stroke.

Guaranteed by ergonomic design concepts

eHAD is an ergonomic product, which is designed to optimize the work efficiency involving Anthropometry, biomechanics, labor physiology, environmental physiology, engineering psychology, time and work studies. A professor of Japanese chiba university thinks: human body engineering is to discover the working ability of human body and its limit, making the job that people are engaged in tend to suit each kind of characteristic of human body anatomy, physiology and psychology . According to the ergonomics, a right posture for work increases the work efficiency and protect the body.

ergo nomic postures

eHAD provides the possibility for users to take a alternatively right posture.

sit-stand desk

the advantages of smart desk

  1. Adjustable horizontally and vertically

Normally, an electric height adjustable desk frame could be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Without doubt, we have well noted that we can sit to work or stand to work or between by adjusting the height from 25.6” to 51.2”. And we also can decide how big the desk could be by adjusting the desk frame horizontally.

desktop assembling

The biggest desk top could be 2000MMX1000MM. See the following picture. In order to increase the stability, a crossbar is needed.

side cabint

  1. Motor-oriented

With the help of motors, it takes no efforts to adjust the desk to an ideal height. You can save the height to the memory keys. That means next time when you want to sit, press one key, to stand, press another key. There are three memory keys. And you can also set sedentary reminder.


3. Slight power consumption

An electric height adjustable desk is not like an electric fan. It needn’t always work. So it consumes little electric power. eHAD from OTi-furniture consumes 0.3W for standby mode per day and the duty circle is 10% Max(2 min on 18 min off).


Trends of modern intelligent office furniture

  1. The primary condition concerned by enterprise procurement is efficiency factor over cost.

There are three selection criteria in purchasing office furniture.

The most important one is practicability. A lot of purchasers are mistakenly choose office furniture beauty over practicability, which would cause inconvenience in an office and thus weaken the work efficiency. So when purchasing office furniture, we should put practicability in the first place. Most times we need take a proper proportion between beauty and practicability.

Secondly, money saving. Office furniture will design a lot of office furniture, some of which are necessary, some are not. Purchasers shall make a clear buying list, deleting the unnecessary. Normally, executive desk, meeting desk, cubic and some sofa and chairs are necessary.

Last but not least, combination office furniture is a nice choice.Combination office furniture is popular nowadays. The kind of product is easily install and disassemble, very convenient especially for large companies.


2. It is no doubt that a work integrated with health and happiness could improve the work efficiency. A few days ago, chairman and CEO of 360, a free network security platform, Hongyi Zhou said on his wechat moments that the special prize of 360’s annual gala is a “no-cut coupon”, which is regarded as a “death” gold medal and can offset a layoff. Such a prize is like “Are you kidding me?”and could weaken the employees’ enthusiasm on work. Sometimes employers really want to do good things to their employees and reduce retention but they find the wrong ways. Updating the work environment is usually ignored by the board of directors.

ergo products in office


eHAD from OTi-furniture

OTi-furniture is a leading manufacturer of eHAD frame in China, located in Haining City Zhejiang province. Today I will introduce you two highly cost-effective eHAD frames and a popular combination from OTi-furniture.

SXS01 series is a hot sale, rectangle columns, two motors with three stages . It’s a very stable eHAD. The shape of rectangle is quite agreeable with the shape of a desk. That means our eyes pretty like to see such a desk.

SYS01 series is a black beauty. It’s a new design, but it is adored by many customers. The dynamic smooth line design has made this desk own the ability to transcend ordinary to modern, quality and refined.

standing desk

Semicircle lift panel could be a waiting or rest zone, a place for print machines and documents or used for a small meeting desk for this group.

six person sit-stand cubic

Six people combination with a side-pull locker could be a screen or a cabinet for  personal belongings or documents. According to ergonomics, one can easily fetch his paper whenever sitting or standing. It greatly saves time and improve the work efficiency.

six person standing desk with locker

My team and I are more than happy to further assist you in your quest for finding the most proper electric height adjustable desk.

By the way, as CNY holiday is approaching, our company will take the holidays this week and we will be back on 3nd Feb 2020. Any problem, you can write me at, I will  reply you within 24 hours and wish you all a healthy and prosperous  2020.

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