What can Office Furniture DO During Covid-19?

What can office furniture do during Covid-19?

From developed countries to developing countries, coronavirus has fundamentally transformed the world’s office situation, affecting how we work from home, do business with others and enforce numbers of video meetings. But people are homebound. Consumer demand plummets. Business is paused.

What else we can do?

Yes, it’s hard, but it will pass. We should prepare for the chance behind this Black Swan positively.

Now most offices are empty. May it’s a chance to redesign it. Order modern office furniture in advance. We have national orders that are for office projects handled immediately when the outbreak is contained. No more one minute is wasted.

People are staying at home reluctantly and will suppress their consumer demand in the coming months. But once the Covid-19 is under control, what will happen?

How will people satisfy their consumer demand which has been suppressed in months?

Will it be a good chance to occupy more market share?

Are we ready for that?

When should we start to prepare?

I hope the below chart can give you some ideas.

work arrangement

The Left side Gantt chart is showing the relationship between estimated market recovery time & order arrangement time.

The Right side is data support of estimated recovering period of consumer demand after SARS. This chart is from the article:

“Ray Dalio Commentary: Our Early Thinking on the Coronavirus and Pandemics”


Growth in office furniture market could rebound sharply in the next two quarters as delayed consumption and government stimulus flow through to the economy.

From the above charts, we can see that placing orders at April will be a suitable time to catch an uncommon chance.

OTi team is ready to support you by:

  1. Keeping prices stable though the material cost is increasing.
  2. Offering flexible shipment time should Covid-19 lasting period is longer than estimated.

Pls share with us your opinions.

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