OTi Handset Function SKA2/SKA3 Instruction

OTi Handset Function SKA3 Instruction

Most electric height adjustable desk frame factories have their own handset types. OTi-furniture also has its own type of handset and function.
This type is called SKA3, key button.
∧ ∨  are to lift up and down.
and 1, 2, 3  are three memory keys, which could, say, save a standing height at 1, save a sitting height at 2, and save an afternoon nap height at 3. It will greatly save time by just pressing one of the memory keys to achieve your wanted height.
The last key is not 5. It is an S. S means set. With this key, you could set up the MAX&MIN height, though we have a 650-1300MM height range. You still could shorten this range. And with the S key, you could set the long sit reminder, safety locker, length unit, and so on.
  1. Initialization Operation
  2. Lock and Unlock
  3. Up and Down Operation
  4. Height Memory Operation
  5. Height Limit Operation (Min. height and Max height)
  6. Restore Factory Settings
  7. Stand Reminder Settings
    1. parameters Settings

    ØØ Long Press””for 5 seconds, showing “S-x” with“x”flashing(X indicate the parameter group1~6), press “” or “”to change. And press “” for enter or confirm.

    The parameters that can be set are as follows:

    a, “S-1″0 indicates that the height is cm displayed,1 represents inch display.

    b, “S-2″indicates that Anti-Collision sensitive, 0 indicates turn off,8 most sensitive,1 the least sensitive.

    c, “S-5″This indicates the lowest limit height, press “” or “”to change.

    d, “S-6” height memory settings;0 indicates that pressing the storage location key runs, loose to stop running.1 indicates that the storage location key automatically runs to the stored location, and any key to stop.

A lot of handset functions mean the electric height adjustable desk is an intelligent desk.

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