About Us

About Us

OTi is a new brand of Zhejiang Wansheng Metal Structure Co., Ltd., an intelligent-furniture and auto-parts supplier.

Founded in 1986, the company has more than thirty years of experience in R & D manufacturing, covering a land of 35000 square meters.

O stands for chairs, T for desks, and i for people. OTi devotes itself to creating a harmonious way for people in offices, workplaces, and home.

Our story

OTi-furniture founder and CEO Kevin Zheng got a wild idea when he was in New York for a business trip in 2012. It was his first time to see an adjustable desk. He was suprised,amazed and got a wild idea. He thought it was a healthy way to improve, as well as we Chinese officemen’s health problem such as back pain,diabetes,stiff shoulders and neck,elevated blood pressure,DTV and so on.The key point was this metal desk can be made by his father’s company–Zhejiang Wansheng Metal Structure Co.,Ltd. which is a company with a history of more than thirty years of experiecement of metal products production. Without more thinking,he was researching techniques to make this ergo desk.At that time, electric dual motors standing desk was rare and manual height-adjustable desks were popular. But these desks, he learned, took more time and effort on transition from sitting to standing as needed. It was inconvenient for a efficient work style. He wanted a standing desk that didn’t require as much effort to adjust height, so he decided to update these desk himself. Kevin established Smart furniture first and began to manufacture electric standing desks that automatically transit from sitting to standing position with a handset.

As part of the height-adjustable desk design, Kevin created lifting columns that facilitated the smooth, stable lifting motion and rebuilt the shape of the desk to make it concise and modern. He quickly realized this lifting colunmn would also be used in storage shelves, kitchen and more.Students in school, seniors with disabilities, and people with back pain often struggle to reach heavy things stored in high places. If shelves were height-adjustable, he realized, they would be more accessible.

In 2019, Kevin registered OTi trandmark.O stands for Chairs, T for adjustable desks and i for people to create a harmonious way for people in office, workplace or home.

Today, products are used around the world in a variety of applications to make daily environments more accessible and ergonomic for everyone.

  • 2019

    the company created a new brand OTI. O stands for chairs, T for desks and I for people.It contributes to creating a harmonious work station for people.

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  • 2017

    Annual turnover up to USD 2.6 million.

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  • 2013

    based on enormous capital and the experience of manufacturing metal products and management, the company determined to open a new line with the design concept of "green, healthy,comfortable,concise and elegant", known as Smart Furniture, gained a lot of patents.

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  • 2006

    Annul turnover up to USD 1.1 million


  • 1996

    owned Trulaser 3040 machine and other advanced manufacturing equipment

  • 1986

    Company establishment as an auto parts supplier


OTi-furniture holds the following certificates





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President Chenggong Zheng

President Chenggong Zheng

CEO-Kevin Zheng

CFO John Zhou

sales team

sales team