Garbage Sorting in OTi-furniture

China is going through a movement of garbage sorting. And OTi-furniture is a strong supporter.

detailed garbage sorting

Truly money is private but resource is all human beings’. When one kind of resource is run out, one can’t buy it by a mountain of gold. However, we can’t stop the step of using resource. But we do have some way to slow the steps. Say garbage sorting.

OTi ese (Zhejiang Wansheng Metal’s staff) are having a lesson— how to sort garbage. OTi-furniture is an excellent group at local, which follows the government’s stipulations and has made a great community sponsor. Chinese Government attaches great attachment to this garbage sorting movement.

There are mainly four kinds of trash bins—green, red, grey and blue.

The blue trash bin is for recyclable waste, such as glass bottles, paper, cans, metal, plastic bottles, paper-boxes etc. Such garbage is encouraged for sale.

The red trash bin is for hazardous waste, such as used batteries, pesticide, waste paint buckets, expired medicine, mercurial thermometer, waste light tubes and so on.  They will be resorted for recycle or buried safely.

And the green one is for perishable rubbish, such as kitchen garbage, rotten vegetables and fruit and so on for compost, biotechnology treatment or marsh gas.

And finally the grey one is for the garbage except the above three ones, called other waste. They will be sent for thermal fire generation.

Thus all waste shall be put exactly the right color dustbin. Although

OTiese would like to contribute their small effort to creating a healthier and greener world as well as to manufacturing good quality ergo furniture for the world. OTi-furniture provides healthy solution for modern offices.

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