OTi’s New Arrival—Boss Standing Desk—WSSSL01/02

Design story of OTi boss standing desk

In the spring of 2019, after returning from Canton Fair, Mr. Wu, one of our customers, found us. He was planning to apply a commercial project which was a huge one. He was lack of a top end executive height adjustable desk and asked Mr. Zheng if OTi-furniture could research and develop such kind of standing desk. At that time, OTi did have some executive height adjustable desk see following picture.

boss standing desk

The desktop was no longer than 2 meters. It didn’t fit the space solution. And Mr. Wu added:” To be candid, this desk is not awesome enough. Can you do more?” And then he provided some target desk pictures. Seeing these pictures, Kevin thought about it for a while and said to his partner:”Give me one month. I will show you a better.”


In the next several days, Kevin discussed with technician. How big the column should be to hold the load? Which shape of the column is more modern and could fit the ? Two stage or three stage? How can the material be cost-effective and modern? What kind of desktop could be fashion and practical and the material? What kind of new function could be added to be user-friendly? A lot of questions bombarded Kevin. Although he had nearly ten years of experience in height adjustable desk business, things still could be complicated when a new product was researched and developed and 100% focus on this new R&D product was needed.


Two weeks later a drawing came out and they passed on to the production department and saw to the whole journey.


Thus Mr. Wu satisfied and finally got the project.

And Kevin didn’t stop. Every challenge is a new opportunity. He later launched three sizes of the WSSSL Series. And moreover, he brought the top one to CIFF-Shanghai and gained a hot welcome (SMART FURNITURE). Many customers took photos and asked for name cards. Some dealers made orders directly.

The parameters of this boss standing desk

Input voltage: 100/240V

Max loading: 200KG/

Height range: 740mm-1190mm/29.13”-46.85”

Stroke: 450MM/17.71”

Frame length: 1800MM/2100MM/2400MM


( normal size/ acceptable customized)

Top size: 2000X900MM2/2400X1000MM2/2700X1000MM2


Speed: 30mm/s

Function: memory keys/ gyro anti-crush

Column material: Aluminium alloy and stainless steel surface

Desktop material: multi-plates and walnut veneer with open paint finish/close paint finish

Spraying: bracket finished by black, AkzoNobel Grinding powder

Noise: <50dB(A)

Temperature: -5~40℃

Duty Cycle: 10% Max (2 Min on, 18 Min off)

Color: column-metal color; desktop—walnut (normal) or customized

Warranty: Motor 3 years / steel frame 5 years warranty

Cabinet size: 1900MMX600MMX610MM/2300MMX600MMX610MM

Furnish: chipboard with three finishes:

  1. Mixed oil paint
  2. Walnut veneer with close paint finish
  3. Walnut veneer with open paint finish

middle size boss standing desk

Side storage


Side storage with cliff ash color is 1900MMX600MMX610MM. It looks like a metal storage. But it’s made of chipboard. Whatever the office design style is, it can fit with it. If your customer has specific requirement, we can provide OEM service.

The side storage has a locker in it.

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drawers with springs

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back of the side storage

Mirror column

mirror column

The two stage column is made by Aluminium alloy and stainless steel surface which feels quite top-end and can greatly show a company’s work style: clean, concise and healthy. With a stroke of 450mm, the columns support the desk stably and mutely.


Table type

elegant chamfered desk top

The table’s edge is chamfered which made it more elegant and ergonomic.

Walnut veneer with close finish

desktop with metal construction

The table has a metal construction to help it support. When the desk goes up and down, it can hold a max capacity of 200kg.

Welcome to inquiry for this top-end boss standing desk.

OTi-furniture continues to carry its commitment to providing worldwide ergonomic office furniture and sharing green healthy and efficient office furniture.


Happy New Year!

a happy 2020 year


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