Chinses Affordable Standing Desk Frames: New Arrival SXL01 pro

An standing adjustable desk frames from Chinese manufacturer: New Arrival SXL01 pro

Thanks to coronavirus, we eventually could work from home, yet it turns out to be a disaster.

In order to remove the disaster, many consumers find they are in an urgent need to update their working equipment. However they have a very tight budget. So what they gonna do? Yes, they focus on Chinese adjustable desk manufacturers. They get a very very beautiful price. So lucky for them. But things are never so simple. As they asked the express charge, they replied with a silence.

So office furniture distributors and retailers, do you recognize your customers’ new demand? Your customers desperately need an affordable adjustable desk.

Here is a piece of good news for you. Recently OTi has developed a new arrival—SXL01 pro.

Let’s get to know it.

descreption picture of the adjustable desk frame

Input voltage: 100-240V
Max loading: 120KG/265lbs
Height range: 720-1180mm/28.35-46.46”
Stroke 460mm/18.11”
Frame length: 1200-1800mm
Bracket: 580mm/680mm
Top size:  L( 1200-2000)* W (600-1000)mm
Max. Speed: 40mm/s
Function: Memory/gyro Anti-Collision/safety feature
Material: SPCC Steel
Spraying:  AkzoNobel Grinding powder
Noise: <50dB(A)
Temperature -5~40℃
Duty Cycle 10% Max (2 Min on, 18 Min off)
Gross Weight: 30kg/66.25lbs
Packing Size: 85*33*27cm
Color:  white, black, gray
Warranty: Motor 3 years / steel frame 5 years warranty

adjustable desk frame

Super Material

Our SXL01 pro including the feet, brackets and beam, all the metal pieces, are made of cold rolled steel, which means with a 120 kg load capacity, the desk can go up or down freely and smoothly. Moreover the thickness of all the metal pieces is 2MM, making the desk frame more stable and durable.

Swell design

There is a slope processing in the foot, greatly reducing the possibility of bumping the user’s foot. And every foot equipped with two alignment feet which can adjust the leg height when the floor is not very flat. It is extremely important to keep the two leg at the same level otherwise too much height difference could cause the up&down system can not work. Also they can touch the floor gently without scratching it, and make the desk more stable. Details show elegance.

adjustable desk foot

two stage desk frame


Classical colors

SXL01 pro, like all his sisters and brothers, is finished by AkzoNobel grinding powder which is famous throughout the whole world. Healthy, durable, and beautiful is its name card. Its best sale colors are black, white and silver, three classical colors in office furniture, which can fit any workstation. If you prefer other colors, don’t worry, we can do that too.

adjustable desk frame color choice


OTi SXL01 pro has a height adjust range —72~118cm/28.35~46.46”, suitable for any man with a height during 145~190cm/57~74.8” who can sit or stand or between to work freely.

Not like a traditional desk, it can fit users’ height requirement and let them work more efficiently and healthier. As an affordable standing desk frame, OTi remained the price of SXL01 pro based on SXL01 even though the desk frame use more material and has a better stroke.

The accuracy can reach 0.1cm, helping the users to memory their best sit or stand height or other things.

The defining characteristic of OTi standing desk frame is it goes up or down more quietly, faster and more placidly.

The noise when function the desk is less than 50dB(A) which means it is quieter than a baby’s snoring voice or the sound of hitting the keyboard. It can not influence other coworkers’ work and mood.

The normal adjust speed is 25mm/s. but users can also set their favorable speed. The Max speed is 40mm/s. It is the top speed among standing desks.

Featured Handset

A featured handset is the essential part of a standing desk. SXL01 pro has a handset with the latest version. App, safety locker, memory keys, gyro anti-collision and Max height& min height set, speed set, USB charge…….


Other subtle designs

adjustable desk beam

Motors can be protected by the metal pieces and horizontal placement makes it more durable.

adjustable desk frame wire hole

There are four wire holes on the beam close to the legs. They are designed for the handset wire going into the beam to connect with the control box.

desk beam

There are many little screw holes lining both sides of the beam for adjusting the desk’s width.

Each pair of the holes correspond to the desktop. This quantitative design can reduce installation time.


Welcome to send inquiry for our new desk frame—an affordable standing desk frame :SXL01 pro



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