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Why AkzoNobel Powder?

Why is AkzoNobel Powder best for a standing desk? Nowadays, metal furniture in the market is increasingly used in various industries such as home furnishing, outdoors, teaching, and office. Metal furniture generally has a smooth and hard look. This external feature is mainly determined by the base material of the metal and the coating on […]

What can Office Furniture DO During Covid-19?

What can office furniture do during Covid-19? From developed countries to developing countries, coronavirus has fundamentally transformed the world’s office situation, affecting how we work from home, do business with others and enforce numbers of video meetings. But people are homebound. Consumer demand plummets. Business is paused. What else we can do? Yes, it’s hard, but […]

eHAD Is the New Desk in an Office

eHAD is short for electric height adjustable desk. It’s like a tornado generating from developed countries and is sweeping the whole world, leading a reform in office furniture. According to a study on furniture, it is advantaged for human beings to sit down after a long time of walking and thus chairs were invented. And […]

Garbage Sorting in OTi-furniture

China is going through a movement of garbage sorting. And OTi-furniture is a strong supporter. Truly money is private but resource is all human beings’. When one kind of resource is run out, one can’t buy it by a mountain of gold. However, we can’t stop the step of using resource. But we do have […]