My Work With Standing Desk

Show me a healthy life, and I show you a standing desk.

Seven years ago, I came to my first company when I graduated from college. I was so occupied with my work and spent many hours doing my work by sitting there. That was quite different from my school days. Days after days, my work got some accomplishment. But I found my head always headache and neck stiff.

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This problem influenced my life. For example, several friends hanged out with me. While waiting for a meal, we’d like to watch our cell phone, updating the moments of friends or watching some hot videos. I just can’t be one of them for fear that my cervical spondylosis could cause headache. So I preferred to wait idly. It made me feel like a fool.

Things got worse when I gave birth to two girls. Long time of watching my babies sucking the breast made my neck situation worse. I knew it was not good for my neck. But I just couldn’t stop. Now God bless me, I can’t work in an office! What should I do? Should I give up my precious working experience to start a new one? I was depressed for several months, worrying about my work, my future and my children.

One of my close friends told me that: “Sandy, you could change your workstation by changing your sit-only desk to a standing desk. It’s very popular abroad. Standing desk is an ergonomic product. You can search it on the internet.” I was surprised, excited and very curious about the standing desk.

So I did some research. Wow, most Chinese had no idea about this kind of desks. I was immediately spellbound by this sit-stand desk. Sit-stand desk is also called height adjustable desk. They enable the users to stand to work when they are tired of sitting.

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I click one of the website. According to ergodirect website, these ergonomic desks also offer flexibility in home or office, which ensures a healthy working environment for the users. The monitor, the keyboard, and the computer will be placed within appropriate reach of the user ensuring a stress-free posture. The usage of such desks also allows workstations to be specially configured for certain projects, by being able to set them for standing postures or for unique configurations for special events.

The World Health Organization has studied the health ramifications for those with jobs that require countless hours of sitting at a desk. Their studies revealed that heart disease, obesity, high-blood pressure, and diabetes, among other ailments, are more likely to be discovered in those with sedentary jobs.

Many professionals are riveted to their work, trapped on their computers and at their workstations. Without noticing, one can sit for 10 to 12 hours at a desk, without movement, interruption, and no exercise. The body requires changes in motion and posture to sustain a healthy circulation of blood and oxygen.

And while standing all day long can lead to another set of health issues, studies suggests that changing positions and postures throughout the work day can help prevent physical stress from building in the back, neck, shoulders and legs.

Wonderful! That is what I need. And fortunately, there is a standing desk manufacturer near my home and they are hiring sales managers. Then I sent my resume and waiting for a response anxiously. And more fortunately, I had a smooth interview and they appreciated my sales experience for foreign trade. So I became one of OTiese.

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Now, every day I go to work to Zhejiang Wansheng Metal Structure Co., Ltd. In the morning, I usually sit to work for two hours and then stand to work for half an hour. There is a sedentary reminder in the hand set. After my lunch, it is quite comfortable to have a nap by adjusting the desk to some height at which I can comfortably lean on the desk and rest. After my rest, I go back to work freshly. I often stand to work for half an hour and then sit to work for two hours and recycle it.

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After work, I also have some yoga classes. Now I can live a normal life thanks to standing desk.

by Sandy Zhou Dec. 2nd 2019

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