Do You Still Use These Screws to Scratch Your Office Furniture?

Generally speaking, office furniture can be reused many times.  A good quality office furniture will bring health and wealth for a company.

OTi-height adjustbale desk

One thing to help you tell if it’s a good quality office furniture is the fasteners.

Fasteners are very useful to contect furniture and other stuff. There are many kinds of fasteners, different types, materials , grades, finish, etc.

Furniture manufacturers consider the color, the load capacity, the work condition…… and decide to choose which kinds of fasteners are suitable. Normally, a new designed furniture will keep updating its parts until it can receive a good reputation.

Smart fasteners can protect the furniture from damage and make it recycle perfectly.

An example may lead you to think more.

self ending screws

Tapping screws are also called self ending screws.

This kind of screw can fasten one furniture part to another and at the same time destroy the surface of the furniture.

Tapping screws can break up the screen. It is inconvenient to recycle it unless regardless of its defective appearance as the following picture.

screen problem

When an office need make a move, and the office furniture must be taken apart and well packed. If use these tapping screws,  they will find it inconvenient to pack them well and worse, if the screws are loosen, a damage on the surface is certain.

A good office furniture manufacturer will consider about these details, think about the users’ concern and contributes itself to perfecting its products.

insert nut and bolt


Insert nut and bolt

screen with smart furniture

OTi-furniture use these insert nuts and bolts to connect a screen to a desktop. The insert nuts will be embedded in the screen and the bolt can easily screw in and out. Thus it can greatly protect the furniture from damage and reuse it whenever it is a need.

Things can be done in various ways. Figure out the best way and never satisfy. OTi will continue to perfect its office furniture.

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